Character animation
We can create a character that captures the characteristics of your brand, and mixes humour with your sales messages. Success is not only based on the immediate reaction that these characters get, they give the brand a new perspective and record a higher recall value.

Product visualisation and animation
Engineering CAD packages can produce visualisation to a certain level. We can take the process a step further by utilising CAD models and adding artistic flair and many more creative effects. We provide a range of services for prototypes or existing products, anything from full animations to one-off image stills or renderings.

Demonstration videos
Actual filming/producing a real time video can be time consuming and expensive. Animated videos can include isometric, cut through and exploded views to illustrate and demonstrate the internal components.

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Technical support
Complex, technical or otherwise impossible images and scenes can be brought to life, clearly communicating information for installers; product cut throughs, exploded views, top down views, step by step product and system installation, set-up guides, operating guides, product documents and technical manuals.

3D turntable
Display the product rotating 360 degrees, allowing the viewer to see all sides of a product in detail.

Simulated interiors
Building walk or flythrough animations are an excellent way to take your audience on a virtual tour. When the real world application can be difficult to set up, too expensive or even impossible to film, we can create a camera path that highlights product applications, key features and benefits. We can add people to create the desired environment.

Simulated exteriors
Whether realistic or surreal, simulating environments can avoid filming costs and introduce numerous possibilities.

CGI stills and graphics
Images can be rendered from any part of an animation. Graphics can be created for use in exhibition displays, catalogues and advertising. One off images can be produced from CAD drawings or physical products.

3D CAD modelling services
We are able to produce high quality 3D models in both parametric and polygon model form. We have the in-house knowledge and expertise to create high quality 3D models, built from reference images, engineering drawings or physical products (reverse engineering).

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